Version Changes

CaRMetal is available on this site since 28th october 2006. You will find all the version changes in the table below :

Version date Comment
3.5.4 3/12/10 - [bug fixed] Some graphic cards on old PCs (windows) were drawing strange artifacts in palettes and menus...
3.5 23/04/10 This is a major release with a complete redesign of graphical interface. New functionalities list is to big to be written here, but you can read this excellent article which gives lots of details on this new version (in french).
3.1 27/09/09

- 2 bug fixed

- 8 new instructions (with icon) implemented in the javascript editor : "Reflection", "Translation", "PerpendicularBisector", "AngleBisector", "Circle3pts", "Arc3pts", "FixedAngle", "Circle3".

- new javascript ExecuteMacro function which can execute any macros (user or library).

3.0 24/08/09

- CaRMetal now integrates a script editor which understands all Javascript instructions, powered by a set of dynamic geometry instructions. This editor is a graphic editor which allows to learn easily programmation basis. The software makes it possible to launch a script and to cancel it in a figure. You can see here a video (in french, sorry !) which gives some explanations...

- Translation in Arab language of the software: thank's to the teams of TUNISIAMATHS and C-M@TIC who worked on this translation, and a special thank's to Ahmed Mohjer who starts this project.

2.9.8 21/02/2009 No new features, but lots of internals improvments, especially for the multi-windowing system.
2.9.7 29/12/2008 - You will find in the control palette zone two new types of controls : input fields and buttons. both of them may be placed inside the figure.
2.9.6 14/12/2009

- “Magnetic objects” functionality allows a point to be attracted by a list of objects, which can be of different type, with an attraction field defined by user. By setting a very strong magnetic field, it's also possible to make something which is also completly new in dynamic geometry softwares : points on several objects. You can see here a video (in french, sorry !) which gives some explanations...

- It's now possible to add small ticks on segments in the "aspect" tab of the property bar. It was done before by a standard macro set.

2.9.5 18/10/2009 When the last parameter of a macro-construction is a point, and when there is only a unique point as target, you can apply the macro-construction to any type of object. You can see here a video (in french, sorry !) which gives some explanations...
2.9.2 13/09/2008

- Context help improvement

- There are now thousands of colors for objects with a special color picker menu (left-clic for saturated colors, Shift for unsaturated colors, Alt for web colors and right-clic for the list of all colors used within the construction)

- expressions "x(d)" and "y(d)" are now possible when d is a line object : it will return the coordinates of a unit direction vector of this line.

- Brazilian localization (thank's to Humberto Bortolossi !)

- Polygons behave now exactly like circles or angles : they can be filled or not.

- Partial circles behavior was sometimes quite strange on display : it's now ok in any case.

2.9.1 31/08/2008

- Context help mecanism improvement.

- [bug fixed] 3 bug fixed about functions aspect in macros.

2.9.0 28/08/2008

- When a system language uses the comma (instead of period) as decimal separator, all numbers will be displayed with commas, and all the numerical inputs will be made using comma. In this case, when the comma was used as parameters separator, we will now use the semicolon. For instance, on a french system, the expression max(1.08,E1) can be typed max(1,08;E1). Of course, old figures can still be opened with this new version.

- Grid is now active : axis are now real objects, like lines.

- The grid display looks better now. Numbers positionning on axis graduation marks have been improved.

- Some functions (using floor, ceil, sign, ...) are now displayed with discontinuity

- Intersections between a curvus and X-axis have a numerical precision of 10^-10, and 10^-13 for Y-Axis.

- For instance, when the numerical display precision is 5 decimals, the number 2 will be displayed 2.00000

- Spanish version was updated (Thank's Martin Acosta !)

- Locuses, like functions, can be displayed with "points only"

- When you name an object (name and not alias) <letter><number>, the number will be displayed automatically in a subscript position, without the need of LaTeX.

- Help files are now outside the software, so the web applet have been lost more than 300Ko.

- When you open a file "on" an empty window, this file will open in this window an not in a new window.

- There is now an new "Windows" menu to help the switching between different windows.

- Context Help mecanism have been improved with hyperlinks, images, css styles,... etc...

- [bug fixed] diff function was only at a 10^-3 precision
- [bug fixed] Duplicate a macro was clearing the macros made in the session
- [bug fixed] Locus refresh was not correct in few cases.
- [bug fixed] Some locuses was not displayed correctly.
- [bug fixed] Selection ray for expression and text with LaTeX inside was not correct.

2.8.9 3/06/2008

- new "random" function : random(x,b) returns a random number in [0,x]. If b=0 (false), there is only one computation of the random value. If b=1 (true) a new random number is computes each time something happens in the construction window. random(x) means random(x,1).

- New track tool for points, lines, circles, etc... You just have to activate the object's track in the properties bar ("Aspect" tab). You will also find related items "Deactivate tracks" and "Clear tracks" in the Edit menu.

2.8.8 7/05/2008

- CaRMetal applets can now communicate with javascript : this page explains how it works.

- a new slideshow about pyramids is available on this page.

2.8.7 5/04/2008

- Angle object transforms its mark in a square shape when it's a right angle

- A new tool : "f(x,y)=0" creates the curvus with solution points of an equation f(x,y)=0. You can place points on these new objects.

2.8.6 23/03/2008

- Christophe Jalady contribution (1) : png export dialog now comes with options for scaling images.

- Christophe Jalady contribution (2) : open dialog box now comes with a preview of the content of .zir files.

- Controls can now be hidden

- new 3D figures now come with two check boxes : "show floor" and "show coordinate system"

- Locuses are now much more quicker

- Points on quadrics, when they represent circles in 3D mode, are now linked to the conic during rotation movement.

- [bug fixed] Restricted figures can now be moved.

2.8.5 10/03/2008

- New tools added : "controls". You can find in a new palette zone "Controls" sliders (system sliders), popup menus and checkboxes that you can add to you construction window : all these controls are driving expressions. They work like the controls you can add in some spreadsheet softwares (OpenOffice Calc, Excel) .

2.8.3 2/03/2008

- [Bug fixed] Quadric/Line intersections were sometimes having strange behavior...

- Escape key now select the mover tool in any circumstances.

- Right-clic on object automatically selects the content of the "name" field in the objects properties inspector.

2.8.2 24/02/2008 With the text fields popup menu, it's now possible to insert Greek letters inside LaTeX formulas in one clic, without having to type LaTeX commands such as \alpha, \beta, etc...
2.8.1 23/02/2008

Major update...

- Before this version, one could modify object properties by using a left frame inside the window. On small screen, it was sometimes difficult to work with this panel opened : now there is a separate horizontal object properties palette which can be kept open during the whole working session.

- Text fields of this palette are provided with a popup menu you can use to easely insert special characters, predefined functions or LaTeX formulas.

2.7.1 15/01/2008

- CaRMetal is now 100% GPL

- When you move a polygon's vertex, "Points inside polygons" are now keeping their barycentric coordinates in the coordinate system defined by the first tree points of the polygon. (You can see the effect here).

- New tool in the 3D palette zone : "Points on plane or on face".

2.6.7 5/01/2008

- [bug fixed] Sometimes, exercices or macros were going into "infinite loop"

- Internal changes of some parts of the code

2.6.5 - 7.0 3/01/2008 - Automatic naming fonctionnality for points which is available for both keyboard and mouse (useful when you use a smartboard).
2.6 - 7.0 30/12/2007 - Until now, objects aspect were connected to global properties. Objects have now their own properties (color, thickness, etc...) : so the "objects aspect" palette zone is quite different now...
2.5.1 - 7.0 15/12/2007 - [bug fixed] 3D figures (created in this new version with the "new 3D figure" menu item) will load in a 3D mode (with the palette zone which contains 3D tools).
2.5 - 7.0 13/12/2007

- [bug fixed] The new macro dialog boxes (see previous version description) was not displayed in applets.

- [bug fixed] When you create applet without the "Show Menu" option checked, errors were happening in the browser if the figure contains macros.

- CaRMetal uses two external libraries : HotEqn and ColorChooser. Sources of these libraries were not inside CaRMetal. They are in the source code now : CaRMetal is 100% open source from now. Thank's a lot to Yves Combe for his tests and his help concerning various licences.

2.4 - 6.4 12/12/2007

- Italian translation made by Simona Riva from Milano : thank's a lot Simona !

- [bug fixed] On windows with old java versions (1.4 and 1.5), there was gray "frames" on the right side during a resising event.

- [bug fixed] On linux the select popup menu (the one which appears when user wants to apply a tool on superimposed objects) was not stable at all.

- Vectors have now a better look.

- Macros dialogs (which appears when one uses a macro built with dialog) have now a better look. Beside that, they are still "modal" dialog but the figure is updated each time the user changes the numerical input.

- There is now a new "File->New 3D figure" item in the menu bar. When one selects it, a new "3D" zone appears automatically in the palette, and a 3D coordinates system loads in the window.

- Macro Menu was totally changed to make it much more clear.

2.3 - 6.4 26/11/2007

- It was impossible to open more than ten windows because of a memory managment error. Problem fixed.

- With the new mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) the menu bar was displayed with a white background. Problem fixed.

- In applets, it was impossible to choose the cross shape for points. Problem fixed.

- It was impossible to include the "rename alphabetically" tool in applets. Problem fixed.

2.2 - 6.4 5/11/2007

- Intersection points now have a more important "attracting zone" to avoid accidental creation of superimposed points.

- When you create a polygon, you can see its "ghost" during the creation.

- There is also now a video feedback during the creation of a conic.

- Conics, functions and locus are now displayed with an antialiasing effect.

- On windows and linux, palette icons were not nice with the small or medium palette icon option. Now the render quality is optimum with the three options (small, medium, marge).

- On macintosh firefox, the toolbar were not appearing above applets in slideshows : the problem is now fixed.

- When you choose "actual size" in the diaporama creation dialog box, applets have now exactly the same size than the figure (last "save" command of the file).

2.1 - 6.4 25/10/2007

- There is now a real installer for Linux systems.

- Windows under Linux doesn't flicker anymore when you move them

- Only one instance of the application is open at a given time : all files open in new windows of the same application

- You can now open multiple files on mac, windows and linux

- Add "Close window" in the File menu

- Lots of small changes like this one :

- Some icons was displaying bad tooltips : it's fixed

2.0 - 6.4 14/10/2007

- The "New" and "Open" command now open new windows. On mac OS X and windows, double-clic or drag and drop of mutiple files on CaRMetal application icon will open figures in different windows.

- Every properties of the appearence of a figure (window size, background color, size of fonts, precision of numbers...) are now stored in the file. So when you open a file, it will look exactly as it was when you created it. If you use one of these figure in web diaporamas, it will be displayed with its original appearence.

- By default, you can't undock palette's zones. It's still possible to change this default properties in the "Special->Preferences" menu item.

- You can now change CaRMetal's windows appearence with the "Special->Themes" menu item. You will find a "Brushed Metal" and a "Polish Metal" theme.

- When you open an inspector (macro, object) the texts in a figure are also reduced.

- New 1.6 version tools (symetries, translations, ...) was not accepted in web diaporamas : it's now fixed.

1.9 - 6.4 23/09/2007 - bug fixed on Linux version : the bottom of the window does not disappear any more under the taskbar when you ask for "full screen" mode.
1.8 - 6.4 29/08/2007 - Portugal translation complements
1.7 - 6.4 24/08/2007

- Added "User defined function" button in the palette.

- "Expression", "Text" et "User defined function" tools are now floating objects.

- New "construction" menu.

- CaRMetal is now localised in portugese, netherland and slovenian (thank's to Arselio Martins, Jan Van Hee and Stanislav Senveter)

- Added "Export SVG" functionnality

- "jobs" html export bug fix.

1.6 24/06/07 - Lots of new tools in the palette (Reflection, symmetry, translation, etc...)

- new localisation : norway

1.5 17/05/07 - New smartboard menu

- Language selection menu with new localisations : spanish, galego and chinese.

1.4 - 6.0 13/04/07 - New "Create slideshow" command in the Special menu. You just have to select a folder containing CaRMetal files, and a slideshow web page is automatically made. This page is immediately shown in your browser.

- After english and french, CaRMetal is now localized in german.

1.3 - 6.0 5/04/2007 - Installation of a popup menu which appears when you click on superimposed objects or objects with very close locations (until now, this was made by a modal dialog box).

- Left pannels have now a "pannel closing button".

-Installation of a new "Locus" tool, which creates immediately and without step a locus of points or lines envelopes.

- Open and save dialog boxes are now pointing to the same location : the last opened/saved figure directory.

- Super-hidden objects do not appear any more in the history of the restricted sessions, so we can now give a restricted figure to our pupils without being afraid of "geometrical acts of piracy" !

- Better translation in the french version : thank you Olier Raby !

- Included new features of CaR version 6.0 :

  • Adding a new "Grid Aspect" zone in the main tool palette.
  • Adding a "Grid increment" numerical box in the object property panel (for points).
  • Adding "inside" check box to allow points on polygons and circles to be inside the objects.

- New macros in the library :

  • In "Basic Macros/Tests" there are macros wich says if two lines are perpendicular, if they are parallels, if points lies on a same line, etc...
  • In "3D/Coordinate systems" you'll find different types of coordinate systems that you can move directly with a right-click/drag mouse movement. Among these macros, there are two "free" coordinate systems : it allows user to make any rotation around any direction with mouse only (virtual sphere).
  • Adding "Floating text" in "Floating object" macro folder.
1.2 - 5.2 21/01/2007

- It's possible now to place images inside the figure (gif, png, jpg)

- Background images

- When you open panels, the ratio W/H of the working area remains the same

- Bug : network version wasn't working in the last version...

- Bug : Tool palette now displays the correct icon for angles type (< or < 180°)

- New macros in the library :

  • Oblic and rectangular grids
  • Magnetic objects
  • Polygons
1.1 - 5.0 25/11/2006

- adding multiline contextual tooltips for palette icons

- C.a.R. v5.0 is embedded

1.0 - 4.9 28/10/2006

First release of CaRMetal, based on C.a.R. v4.9