How to publish an article on CARzine ?

"CARzine v0.2" Application

1°) How to become a member of our team ?

You would be able to publish an article on our server only if you are a referenced writer. If you want to become a member of our team, you have to send an email to the webmaster of this site by indicating your profession, your name and your first name. You will obtain in return a user name and a password which will enable you to use our publication software.

2°) How to install the software ?

Start by downloading the zipped file "CARzine" here: Mac version | Win version. This archive contains two sub-folders :

a "CARzine v0.2" folder which contains the application itself

an "articles" folder which contains a style sheet, the "zirkel.jar" file, and a "Model" folder which contains a file "index.html" which represent the body of an article

You can keep these two repertories in the same folder, but you can also place them separately wherever you want on your hard disk.

3°) How to write an article ?

Duplicate the "Model" folder in "articles" and rename it. In your favorite web-publishing software edit the "index.html" file : this file constitutes the body of your article, and all the details concerning the way you have to format your text is explained. Just remember : you have to use the preset styles...

4°) How to use the software ?

To be able to use CARzine v0.2, you must absolutely be connected to Internet. For the first launching of the application, your username and your password are required. The application will then ask you to locate the "articles" folder. These informations will not be requested anymore.

Once this folder selected, you are in your articles managment interface. The articles appear in the left-hand column list: the mention "Published" announces that an article is already on the server. Two cases can occur:

If your article is already on the server, you can send the modifications you've made since the last upload by clicking on the "Modifiy article" button. You can also remove all the article from the server by clicking the "Delete from server" button.

If the article is not yet published the CARzine application, you will have to fill all the fields (Title, Header, Lang, Presentation and Keywords).

A "User account" tabpanel is still empty : it will be done for the next version... Have a good publication!